collab. with Sabrina Vega

1920 is a two-cuts monocase typeface developed during a week-long workshop. This work was self-initiated when the need of a typeface that would fit the uncommon ratio of a vertical 1080×1920 digital display became necessary.

The result is a typeface with a digital look that still keeps organic details.

1920 Bold in use here.

ECAL 2016

collab. with Sabrina Vega

Graphical system that digitally displays on vertical screens content from Twitter that include '#ecal'.

The concept was to transcribe the idea of viral information as an infection using both analog and digital material.

(workshop of Marius Aeberli)

ECAL 2016

collab. with Vidal Mateos

This project is about the swiss Space Conquest. It explores the timeless atmosphere of this specific scientific field. The starting point of the project was the very first and only swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier who shared with us his memories about his 4 space missions.

All pictures were taken in several swiss institutes for space such as ISDC (Geneva), CSEM (Neuchatel) or UNIBE-Space (Bern).

Hardcover book, screen printed binding cloth, 225×296mm, 52 pages, C-print, 3 copies.

(course of François Rappo)

ECAL 2015–16


'Autopsy' is an experimental, non-objective collection and thesis. Its main goal is to offer a relative history of the tight relationship between photography and graphic design.

Starting from the Avant-Garde of 1920, it focuses on how graphic design merged with the photographic medium and how it influenced modern and still affects contemporary graphic design and photography.

Paperback, 105×175mm, C-print, 132 pages, 4 copies.

(course of Alexandru Balgiu)

ECAL 2015


Selection of posters realized between February and May 2015.

The mission was to produce a very large collection of posters during the semester based on an already existing poster. I worked with a poster designed by artist Michael Schwab for a Polo event run by Ralph Lauren in 1995.

(course of Violaine Pont/Happy Pets)

ECAL 2015


The main goal of this book is to offer an alternative way to produce gradients. It works as a catalogue of 1'548 shades and can be used as a guide thanks to a constant graphic manual that shows how to reproduce them.

Softcover, 200×265mm, B&W-print, 390 pages, 3 copies.

(course of Guy Meldem/Maximage)

ECAL 2014


'Les Désenchantés' is a selection of pessimistic and cynical writings.

The project is a fictive collection of books offering a large spectre of litterary texts. We were asked to produce the first issue with imposed texts.

Hardcover book, 153×228mm, B&W-print, 270 pages, 2 copies.

(course of Harry Bloch/Harris Blondman)

ECAL 2015

collab. with Sabrina Vega

Record cover realized for a week-long screenprint workshop run by Ronny Hunger.

Every step uses analog techniques such as photograms and film photography.

(workshop of Ronny Hunger/Comet Substance)

ECAL 2015


During my internship at YONA LEE DESIGN STUDIO, I was asked to work on a new visual identity for the studio.

It resulted in two minimal white and glossy black hot foil stamps on black paper.